Dreaming of Adventure

Updated: Jul 25

Recently, before the world got a bit out of hand, I traveled to Chile for the first time and I must say that authentic experiences abound, in a natural paradise that is so raw, expansive and beautiful, that you can quite easily find yourself speechless. You can just feel the excitement in the air, as soon as you step onto Chilean soil. The view of the Andes Mountains on the way to Santiago helps set the tone. The thought of Adventure begs us to step away from the ordinary comfort and opulence that Luxury owns and break through to a higher level of living and experiencing the present, allowing us the opportunity to be grateful for all that we have earned along the way. Chile delivers on every possible level.

Adventure owns the moment, the experience, the memory of rafting the Trancura River, or horseback riding in the heart of the Atacama desert, thus taking advantage of one of the best locations on earth for stargazing (thanks to some of the clearest skies in the world), together with other explorers you love, respect and cherish for their amazing stories, filled with grit, and passion - Those moments easily create opportunities for grounding oneself, while realizing higher meaning and purpose of one's time on this planet - The ultimate Luxury!

The wonderful thing about mixing luxury, adventure, and eco-conscious desires, needs, wants, ideologies... is that we are reminded that there is a good sense of magic in all things - that anything is possible - That we should step off the beaten path into the unknown, every chance we get. All kinds of good vibes are bound to manifest when we all get together to bring our dreams of adventure, innate desires to explore and willingness to discover those subtle truths that inspire personal growth and greatness through action - All of those emotional drivers that ultimately move the world, culminating with the most powerful of all - Love and Gratitude!

Looking forward to Adventuring with ALL OF YOU SOON!


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