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Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) are a binding legal agreement between you and Lux Transporter Group, Inc. (“Lux”) that govern your right to use the services, websites, applications, and other offerings from Lux (collectively, the “Lux Platform”). When used in these Terms, “Lux,” “we,” “us,” or “our” refers to the Lux entity with whom you are contracting


The Lux Platform offers an online venue that enables users (“Customers”) to develop a custom luxury curated travel experience. Whether it’s luxury charter transportation, full experiential concierge services, luxury product experiences or asset management, the Lux Platform gives Customers the tools to easily create their most memorable travel experience with everything luxury. Lux is not a travel agent and is not responsible for providing, setting or controlling the prices applicable to, any of the travel options or products which the Customers find and book via the Lux Platform (“Third Party Travel Products”). All such Third-Party Travel Products are provided by independent travel agents, airlines, hotels, tour operators or other third parties (“Travel Providers”) and Customers are subject to the terms and conditions of those third parties. Lux is not a party to the contracts entered into directly between Customers and Travel Providers and as such is not acting as an agent in any capacity for any Travel Providers.


Our Services and Platforms are provided by Lux, a private Corporation incorporated and registered in the State of New York.


These Terms

These terms and conditions (“Terms”) govern the Customers access to and use of the Lux Platform. By accessing or using the Lux Platform, you are confirming that you have read, understood and agreed to these Terms and those of the privacy policy and cookie policy as set forth below. Some of our Travel Providers impose different terms and conditions on the Customers use of those services. Where that is the case, the Customer will be clearly notified and those terms will operate in place of or together with these Terms as appropriate.

We may amend these Terms at any time at our discretion. If these Terms are amended, we will publish the revised terms and conditions and you will be deemed to have accepted any amendments if you continue using our Services or Platforms after the amendments are displayed. If you do not accept all of these Terms then you should not use the Lux Platform.

Privacy Policy

Lux will only ever collect, use and share the Customers information in ways that are described in these Terms and Conditions.

Lux is committed to the confidentiality and security of the personal data the Customer provides us.

Cookie Policy

Lux will only ever use cookies and other similar technologies for the purposes set out in these terms and conditions and will never use them to infiltrate or alter the prices you see or are provided therewith on the Lux Platform or to manipulate demand.

1.  The Lux Platform  is a Venue and We are Not a Party to any Customer and Travel Provider or other Transaction.

Although most travel or experiences are completed without a serious incident, travel to some destinations may involve more risk than others. We urge travelers to research the location they wish to visit and to review travel prohibitions, warnings, announcements and advisories issued by the United States Government before booking. Information may be found at and

While we do take certain measures with a goal to assist Customers to avoid potentially fraudulent or other illegal activity of which we become aware, we assume no liability or obligation to take any such measures or actions. When we provide warnings or messages to Customers about any such activity, we do not warrant that such messages are accurate or that such messages will reach any or all users they should have reached in a timely manner or at all or that such messages or measures will prevent any harm or otherwise have any impact. 

2.  Unsolicited Ideas and Feedback.

From time to time, Customers submit to us ideas or suggestions pertaining to our business, such as ideas for new or improved products or technologies, website or tool enhancements, processes, materials, marketing plans or new product names. We are under no obligation to review or consider them. If you choose to submit any ideas, original creative artwork, suggestions or other works (“submissions”) in any form to us, then regardless of what you say, write or provide to us in connection with your submissions, the following terms shall apply. The sole purpose of this policy is to avoid potential misunderstandings or disputes in the event that any part of our business or marketing strategies, seems similar to any of your submissions. If you provide any submissions to us, you agree that: (i) your submission and its contents will automatically become the property of Lux, without any compensation to you; (ii) Lux may use or redistribute any such submission and its contents for any purpose and in any way; (iii) there is no obligation for Lux to review any submission; and (iv) there is no obligation to keep any submission confidential. 

We welcome your feedback regarding many areas of our business. If you want to send us your feedback, we simply request that you send it to us using the “Contact” tab located on the top right side of the Lux website.

3. Software Available on the Site. 

The Lux website is controlled and operated by Lux Transporter in the United States. All Software is the copyrighted work of Lux. Your use of such Software is governed by these Terms and the terms of any additional license agreement that accompanies or is included with such Software. If the Software is not accompanied by an additional license agreement, we hereby grant you a limited, personal and nontransferable license to use the Software for viewing and using this Site in accordance with these Terms and for no other purpose.


4.  Links to Third-Party Sites.

This Lux website may contain links and pointers to other Internet websites, resources and sponsors of the website. Links to and from the website to other third-party sites, maintained by third parties, do not constitute an endorsement by us of any third parties, the third-party websites or the contents thereof. We may also provide tools to allow interaction between the Lux website and a third-party site, such as any Social Media Website or other. We are not responsible in any way for such third-party websites or resources and your use of such websites and resources will not be governed by these Terms.

5.  Disputes.   

Lux is committed to customer satisfaction, so if Customers have a problem or dispute, we will try to resolve concerns in a timely manner. If we are unsuccessful, Customers may pursue claims as explained in this section. Customers agree to give us an opportunity to resolve any disputes or claims relating in any way to the services provided by Lux, or any representations made by us, or our Privacy policy (“Claims”) by contacting Lux at the contact information provided on the website or by the agent.

Customers acknowledge and understand that due to the nature of the services provided by Lux, services are tailor made and custom curated for the Customers luxury travel experience and thereby, some experiences may encounter unexpected delays or cancellations due to and without limitation to, inclement weather, unforeseen issues, or unexpected acts of God. Such events may impede the safety or participation of the experience, in which case, Lux is committed to working with Customers in efforts to secure a replacement experience of a similar and like value. However, no representations or guarantees are given that such a replacement experience will be secured. Due to the nature of the services, no refunds will be issued in the event of a cancellation and a travel credit redeemable for a future travel experience will be provided. If we are not able to resolve your Claims within 60 days, you may seek judicial intervention as set forth below. Furthermore, Lux is not responsible for the security and/or replacement of lost or stolen property. Customers are solely responsible for their property and are encouraged to obtain insurance coverage sufficient to replace any lost or stolen property. Customers agree that they have, will obtain or forego the appropriate insurance coverage sufficient to cover replacement in the event their property is lost or stolen and further agree to relieve Lux of all liability and hold harmless in the event of such a claim.

These Terms and Conditions and all related documents arising out of or related to this document are governed by the laws of the State of New York (including its statutes of limitations). Any claim or action arising out of or relating to these Terms and Conditions, or an alleged breach thereof, shall be brought in the State or Federal Courts of New York located in Suffolk County. Should any claim or action be brought that is barred by the terms of these Terms and Conditions, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs, including post-judgment attorneys’ fees and costs incurred in connection with that claim of action.


To Contact Us for any reason, Customers can visit our website or contact their agent.

Our relationship is that of independent contractors, and no agency, partnership, joint venture, employee-employer or franchiser-franchisee relations is intended or created by these Terms and Agreement or your use of the Lux Platform. Furthermore, Lux bears no responsibility for and is not an agent, partner, employee or the like of any Travel Providers.

When we need to send you notice, it will be sent to the email address you provide to the website or the agent during the registration or booking or inquiry process or as later updated in your account (if applicable). Notice shall be deemed given upon receipt or 24 hours after an email is sent, unless the sending party is notified that the email address is invalid. Alternatively, we may give you notice by certified mail, postage prepaid and return receipt requested, to any physical address provided to us during the registration process or as later updated in your account (if applicable). Notice shall be deemed given three days after the date of mailing to a physical address and one day after mailing to an electronic address. 

We may change, suspend or discontinue any aspect of the website at any time, including the availability of any website features, database or content. We may also impose limits on certain features or services or restrict your access to parts or the entire website without notice or liability. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to amend these Terms and Conditions, in whole or in part, at any time.  

Lux is committed to an inclusive marketplace built on a foundation of trust and respect. Our global Lux Platform is open to travelers of every race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, and marital status. We expect all Customers to demonstrate respect and tolerance in all interactions with Lux and the Travel Providers and we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who fails to abide by these principles.

7.   Eligibility.

Our services may only be used by Customers who can form legally binding contracts under applicable law. If a business entity is being registered, Customers must represent that he/she/they  have the authority to bind the entity to these Terms. Customers represents and covenant that all information submitted to us shall be true and correct.

8.  Payment Method Requirements; Bank and Credit Card Fees.

Customers’ bank or credit card companies may impose certain fees or charges, including, but not limited to, foreign transaction fees. It is the Customers’ obligation to review any agreement with its bank or credit card company concerning any such fees.

9. Term and Refund Requests.

Generally, no refunds are available unless Customers qualify for a refund under any special circumstance or program we may have in effect. If a Customer believes they qualify for a refund, the Customer may contact us by sending a request to the provided contact information, and state the reason(s) for requesting a refund. We will then determine, in our sole discretion, whether any refund is due. 

These Payments Terms of Service (“Payments Terms”) are a binding legal agreement between Customers and Lux that govern the Payment Services (defined below) conducted through or in connection with the Lux Platform.

Lux Payments provides payments for the services provided by Lux in connection to creating a custom luxury curated travel experience. Booking Accommodations, Experiences or other Lux Services, may include (if available) the following (collectively, “Payment Services”):

  • Collecting payments from Customers, by charging the payment method such as credit card, debit card, bank account or PayPal account (“Payment Method”);

  • Effecting payments to Travel Providers;

  • Effecting payments to other third-party Payout Method designated by Customers;

  • Collection and payment of charitable donations;

  • Payment collection services; and

  • Other payment related services in connection with Lux Services.

In order to use the Payment Services, you must be at least 18 years old and must keep your payment and personal information accurate and complete.


These Terms constitute the entire agreement between us and you with respect to the matters set forth herein, 

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