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LuxTransporter, Group Inc. was founded by Zoltan Cantillo in 2018, after successfully developing the Seaplanes in Paradise brand in San Juan, Puerto Rico and realizing that his elite traveler clients were frustrated by a lack of availability, with regards to luxury lifestyle products and services and how to efficiently discern which were actually worthy of their time, money and energy.  As a veteran Airline Transport Pilot who has devoted  his life to serving clients with the highest of expectations, Zoltan and his team endeavored to create Luxtransporter, a vision born from his own sense of adventure and a desire to provide the most memorable experiences possible. We are so excited to bring you the best the world has to offer on every level.  We are hopeful that our dedicated, human touch will make you feel at home every time you seek out all things luxury.  Our goal is to serve with purpose, in a manner that makes you feel like you're right at home with every bespoke experience, knowing that your best interests are being handled by our caring team. Looking forward to meeting everyone soon.  Cheers!


"Best day of our lives, over the top VIP service!!...(Zoltan) went out of his way and thought of every last detail to create the best VIP experience of our lives!"                             

                                   - Heather I Glastonbury, CT

"Great service, excellent experience. I would highly recommend it!!!!! Zoltan was awesome!!!"



"Exotic getaway to a private island for snorkeling, beach, and drinks...What an adventure"


Greg M I San Juan, Puerto Rico 

"The whole crew was amazing and knowledgable about places...Thank you guys so much for being so wonderful and for organizing a memorable day"


          - Jelena_traveler I London, United Kingdom

"[The experience] was so much fun that I am still smiling days later! Amazing experience"

                                                                 - Fabviajera I Miami, FL

"This is the total package of great adventures. The booking, planning, communications, experience and service are all A+ and you will walk away with some amazing memories and stories...guaranteed.


We've traveled all over South America and Europe, and hands down, this was the most amazing adventure we've ever had and we're not sure it could ever be topped."

                                                     - ALMO-DC I Washington, DC

"We swam, paddle boarded, snorkeled, beachcombed, and luxuriated the day away! Bravo!!!!"


                                               - FredK944 I Carolina, Puerto Rico

"WOW!! What a BEAUTIFUL experience...Zoltan was an awesome guide, very knowledgeable, and always had a great attitude!"

                                            - Covalla50 I Lake Ronkonkoma, NY

"One of the best experiences I've ever had in my life. Everything was perfect."

Christian70019 I San Juan, Puerto Rico

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