LuxTransporter was founded by Zoltan Cantillo in 2018, after successfully developing the Seaplanes in Paradise brand and realizing that his elite traveler clients needed so much more than they were getting, when it came to every aspect of their leisure and business lives.  Mr. Cantillo is a veteran Airline Transport Pilot who is devoted to serving those with the highest expectations.  Zoltan's efforts to create Luxtransporter sprang from his love for adventure and providing the most memorable experiences possible for his clients. His genuine inspiration to help elite travelers, via a single platform to Everything Luxury, motivates everyone at Luxtransporter to become the market maven of the Luxury space locally, regionally, and globally, so that you can rest assured when seeking a responsible solution to all of your lifestyle choices.


"[the experience] was so much fun that I am still smiling days later! Amazing experience"

                           - Trip Advisor customer review

"This is the total package of great adventures. The booking, planning, communications, experience and service are all A+ and you will walk away with some amazing memories and stories...guaranteed."

-Trip advisor customer review

"We've traveled all over South America and Europe, and hands down, this was the most amazing adventure we've ever had and we're not sure it could ever be topped."

-Trip Advisor customer review

"Best day of our lives, over the top VIP service!!...(Zoltan) went out of his way and thought of every last detail to create the best VIP experience of our lives!"

-Trip Advisor customer review

"We swam, paddle boarded, snorkeled, beachcombed, and luxuriated the day away! Bravo!!!!"

-Trip Advisor customer review

"Great service, excellent experience. I would highly recommend it!!!!! Zoltan was awesome!!!"

-Trip Advisor customer review

"WOW!! What a BEAUTIFUL experience...Zoltan was an awesome guide, very knowledgable, and always had a great attitude!"

-Trip Advisor customer review

"Exotic getaway to a private island for snorkeling, beach, and drinks...What an adventure"

-Trip Advisor customer review

"The whole crew was amazing and knowledgable about places...Thank you guys so much for being so wonderful and for organizing a memorable day"

-Trip Advisor customer review

"One of the best experiences I've ever had in my life. Everything was perfect."

-Trip Advisor customer review


Whether it's luxury charter transportation, full experiential concierge services, luxury product experiences that allow you to discover brands for what they truly are (become a part of the brand's story, as we align with great environmental causes) or asset management, we will go out of our way to develop genuine relationships that stand the test of time.  We believe in building and nurturing each client relationship as if that ONE RELATIONSHIP is the only critical pillar of our success. 

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