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A little background on the photo. We were on our way back from Montana to the east coast this past weekend. Travel time was just about the same as it might take to drive to the airport to catch a flight that has limited first class seating and wait to see if your flight might get canceled or delayed. I am blessed to fly this amazing Dassault Falcon 7X private jet for charter clients, seeking the very best service possible to just about any destination on the planet. Think New York to Istanbul, non-stop.

So quiet, you’ll feel like you’re sitting in your own living room. You will appreciate Safety (Three Engines), Speed and Comfort (Mach 0.83 Cruise at Flight Level 450 with a cabin pressure altitude far lower than any airline), and Efficiency that allows for Ultra Long Range Flexibility for up to 14 passengers. This is just one of many options that may fit your lifestyle needs. We are looking forward to serving you Everything Luxury. One Solution. (Our team of experts is standing by to provide the freedom and happiness you seek).

On another note, The Luxury Columnist put out a great article on the top 11 travel trends for luxury travelers that I think are worth noting, given the dynamic nature of the world today. In the end, you will lean on us to help curate the most amazing experience possible for you, your friends, family and colleagues, so you want to be sure we’ve done our homework and are ready to bring you the finest lifestyle solutions available in the marketplace.

The global luxury travel market is estimated to be worth $966BB in 2022, and it’s expected to double by 2027. In addition, it’s interesting to note that the wealthiest 5% take an average of 14.3 trips/year, half for business and half for pleasure. Given the growing trend of luxury travel, we are focusing on the elements of luxury hospitality that are going to keep clients engaged and it is my hope, that with the right amount of authentic dialogue, they will become clients for generations to come.

  1. Safety. We’re all onboard to ensure clients are well taken care of and experiences are sensitive to individual needs and requirements.

  2. Personalized Experience. Custom Tailored products and services are the foundation of Luxtransporter. An authentic exchange between client and LUX team members will lead to long lasting relationships that add tremendous value in terms of overall client experience and satisfaction.

  3. Flexibility of Travel. There is no travel itinerary too short or too long. You say GO and we make it happen.

  4. Customized and Private Tours. Family-friendly tours are some of the fastest growing experiences, along with adventure Experiences. Learning to surf and salsa dancing (So much Fun!) are great ways to explore a new landscape/seascape, while cultural and wellness experiences feed the heart and soul. Time saving, VIP access will get you to the front of the line, so that you can maximize your visit.

  5. Experiential Travel. Think bucket list activities that you’ve always dreamed of. We’ll make sure you live it, just the way you envisioned, but better. We’ll bring you the authentic experiences that inspire, exclusivity that brings you closer to what most would consider impossible, tips that come straight from locals, all, while you get your hands on local market fresh products, and enjoy guidance from acclaimed chefs, while preparing delicacies in a foreign land.

  6. Frictionless Travel. One of our top priorities is to create a seamless experience, from the time you get up in the morning, to the time you lay your head on the pillow at night. From the time you leave your office or home to the time you return to your home base, after spending some of the most beautiful quality time you could ever imagine with the ones that matter most to you. Technology is helping us to lead the charge, as we arm you with all the information you need, day to day to make the most of every waking moment.

  7. Wow Factor. Think Ice Hotels in Sweden, Underwater Villas in the Maldives, A treehouse in Thailand, A Wellness/Miracle retreat in Costa Rica.

  8. Attention to Detail. Let’s put it this way. Anything you need? We will make sure it’s delivered. ANYTHING. If it exists, we will make it happen, always ensuring that your health and well-being is a priority. We believe that your time is better spent doing what you do best. You work and play hard. We do Luxury.

  9. Hidden Gems. We are going to take you off the beaten path. Buckle up. There are so many wonderful experiences that only our clients will ever know about, unless you’re a local of course. I would bet that in some cases, locals don’t even know what we know.

  10. Responsible Travel. We support properties and operators that are heading towards carbon neutral status and those that believe in generally sustainable operations and management.

  11. A Sense of Place. You will be immersed in the local culture. You will feel like you have arrived in a different world. Your senses will be aroused, your imagination inspired and you’re bound to learn how to make local spirits, while enjoying gastronomic delights.

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