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Luxury - What does it really mean?

According to Forbes, 'Luxury' has lost its meaning and we aim on helping to get it back. I agree with the cultural shift that is currently taking place. The pursuit of owning things has taken a back seat to something much more powerful. FEELING LUXURIOUS is indeed more satisfying, often times having very little to do with a particular thing at all.

We all want to be free, and while that gave way to the sharing economy, that particular ideology has quickly been shattered and now safer, sensational experiences with loved ones take a higher priority in life.

We are all striving for authenticity in a chaotic world. Our mission is to become the support system for Luxury Lifestyle aficionados and those who aspire to become more of who they already are, by embracing change and seeking out solutions that are off the beaten path.

Our philosophy keeps in line with everyone's innate desire to express individuality, while impressing upon the world our demand for timelessness, superior craftsmanship and simplicity when developing solutions for our clients.

Personalized, unique options that somehow transcend time and space, indeed take us all closer to real personal transformation, while bettering our lives and our outlook towards the future - All of these ideas are pillars that inspire us to create wonderful opportunities in experiential luxury.

A sustainable view bridges the gap from where our society once thrived and now paves the way to long lasting, higher quality products and services that behave in the most responsible ways.

Luxury, and all of the beauty, glamour, glitz, adventure, fast cars, private yachts, jets, high profile destinations and events, gastronomy, entertainment... All of it, in order to have any lasting meaning, grows from organic roots. Authenticity, Transparency, Humility, and Empathy lay the foundation for our organization, as we work hard to deliver on the collective need to feel more, by immersing ourselves and giving back to those who share their own sense of what's possible, while making this world whole.

We all want to be part of something more beautiful, with purpose in mind, on our own terms.

After all, we are all on the same quest for the true meaning of Luxury. Contributing to that endeavor is what makes LIVING such a great adventure.

I look forward to the day when we can build a little piece of that future together.

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