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Start with Why

After a great deal of traveling and soul searching over the last year, I have circled back to what I think is one of the most important questions that leaders and anyone who wants to bring their greatest purpose to the world, must ask themselves.

Why do you get up in the morning? What is your purpose? What do you believe in?

In my case, Luxtransporter was born from my insatiable appetite to deliver results in the most authentic possible manner to those who work, and leisure in the most rewarding ways. I would say that one of my biggest motivators is to help others avoid being taken advantage of, while delivering the safest, most unique and memorable experiences on the planet.

I am firm believer in that people ultimately seek peace, innovation that rewards their efforts, love in the delivery and consistency in what they can expect. I prefer to deliver beyond expectations and I do it, by tapping into the imagination of my own heart and mind and that of my team members, partners and clients. That is where our why resides. How we do what we do and what we deliver (EVERYTHING LUXURY - ONE SOLUTION) fully supports the belief that we can manifest the most awesome dreams by being true to our why.

The photo above is a reminder for me, in that I'm grateful for all the hard-working people, who through the ages have gotten out of bed to go to school, learn how to build boatyards that could accommodate yacht building dreams, and all the innovators who dreamed big enough to believe that aviation was the path forward for our civilized world and furthermore, designed technologically advanced seaplanes to reach remote locations like this, with safety, efficiency and versatility in mind. Of course, I am also inspired by those capitalists who move the world with their risk taking, dream believing, never giving up, grit to get the job done and then enjoy well-deserved leisure time on such breath taking vessels, like Savannah. As I sat out there on the water, waiting for the tender to bring one client out for departure, one cannot help but notice the impact of one WHY? So many collective dreams realized, thanks to those core beliefs that move us to explore beyond the shore and into the wild blue yonder.

At the end of the day, those who lead us in authentic ways inspire us. Clients show up for themselves and what we believe we can bring to fruition. We all seek to satisfy our innermost desires for the best that life has to offer. For me Luxury is that very pursuit of happiness. Luxtransporter aims to take you there - Every part of you. Mind, Body and Soul.

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