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Explore the World and come to know every luxury

Thinking about how we can best serve the global community in the most amazing ways, by further exploring every corner of this planet, in search of the finest experiences, on every level.

Rio de Janiero comes to mind as one my favorite destinations on earth. If you've already visited or better yet made the decision to call this slice of heaven home, you already understand the magical serenity that flows so easily here. Fine Beaches, Delicious Gastronomic adventures, Topography that will absolutely excite your senses, happy, easy-going people who effortlessly infect you with kindness and serenity, while samba, axe, bossa nova and other native sounds soothe your soul. We'll work on your VIP tickets to a Maracaña Football match and of course there is the greatest show on earth at the Sambadrome to keep in mind, followed by the infamous party of all parties during CARNIVAL. These are just some of the highlights that will keep you coming back for more. Mark your calendar. Carnival 2022 is February 25 thru March 2. You will NEVER forget our custom-tailored experiences.

You will however need a place to rest, of course. The Copacabana Palace used to be the first and last word in luxury accommodation in Rio, but there are some newcomers (Hotel Fasano and Emiliano) that are raising the bar. VIP accommodations are yours for the taking. Mix and mingle with the movers and shakers of the world. Chill by the exclusive rooftop pools, all with views to die for. Award winning spas will help align your mind, body and soul, so that you can take advantage of every day and night, just the way you like it.

Ultimately, we realize that organizing a truly authentic and memorable experience has many levels of complexity, especially when traveling to a foreign land, where folks speak a different language and operate by a slightly different set of rules. Therein lies a problem that needs to be solved.

Luxtransporter's main purpose and mission is to help you solve every problem you could possibly encounter in life, before you ever realize it has the look or feel of one - We will instead help you explore the world in style. You will come to know every possible luxury that you could ever imagine.

Whether it's Rio or right there in your own county, state or country, we want to become your one stop shop for EVERYTHING LUXURY!

Our LUX APP will make your every desire a reality, just a few clicks away, with a personal touch that is unparalleled. ANYTHING you can imagine will become a reality. We will become your GO-TO source for EVERYTHING that sets your soul on fire.

Think fun, relaxation, personal growth, adventure, well-being, eco-conscious activities and unlimited possibilities, as we invite top influencers in every industry to actively participate, helping us all discover a renewed sense of discovery and inspiration in our daily lives!

We look forward to taking Luxury to the next highest level, by being there for you every step of the way.

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